MULTIFILIUM Knitting System

Instead of using one yarn during the knitting process (picture A) we use 2 or 3 thinner yarns (picture B).

With such a method, we succeed the following unique effects:


Socks have great elasticity in knitting, embracing perfectly (without squeezing) your leg, fitting exactly to the scheme of it, without loosening up while walking.
The socks are so comfortable that you almost forget wearing them! 


When compared with any common socks, our socks have much greater resistance, as the knitting loop "locks" with 2 or 3 yarns instead of 1, commonly used in socks manufacturing.

 1) WASHABLE at 60oC + 

Our socks are washable at high temperatures (i.e. 60oC) without shrinking. The very small core of the extremely thin yarns leaves no room for shrinkage.